Counselling with empathy by a qualified and caring therapist can begin the process of developing insight, self-awareness and personal empowerment. Close friends and family can sometimes help us through life’s difficulties but their assistance may not always be enough.

Counselling is a process where you have the opportunity to explore issues of concern under the guidance of a qualified and experienced counsellor.

This counsellor will assist you in identifying unhelpful patterns, contributing factors and goals you may choose to work towards in your life. While most people find counselling beneficial and life-changing, success cannot be guaranteed and largely depends on how we connect in the therapeutic relationship, how open you are, how committed you are to therapy and to change.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Focus on helping patients to behave more consistently with their own values and apply mindfulness and acceptance skills to their responses to uncontrollable experiences

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

CBT may help you to change unhelpful or unhealthy ways of thinking, feeling and behaving

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

Identify and change negative thinking patterns and push for positivebehavioral changes

How Much Should Cost Matter?

Sometimes people choose a counsellor based on costs. Of course, the cost matters. Rarely is counselling completed in one or two sessions and for some people therapy can last for quite some time, so cost should be taken into account. However, if this is your sole guide, then you are likely to be less than satisfied with the outcome. The training and ongoing professional development costs for professional counsellors are high and continual upskilling is taken seriously at InSync Counselling & Support therefore there is a need to charge enough to make the practice viable.

Counselling services with InSync Counselling & Support are competitively priced and designed to make these services affordable.

Cancellation policy

Professional supervision sessions are held either face to face or phone for one hour per session

Fees are due at the end of a counselling session. Payments may be made by pay wave or eftpos with Visa or MasterCard, you will receive a receipt after payment, sent to your email.

When you make your appointment, this time is allocated especially to you. I hope that you understand this if you forget your appointment, arrive too late, or give less than 24 hours’ notice for your inability to attend; you will be charged a cancellation fee of $45 for the missed session.

48-hour advance cancellation is preferred and 24 is required.

PLEASE NOTE: Sessions are not covered by Medicare

Health Insurance Rebates

Counselling fees are not usually reimbursed by private health funds, though counselling related to your employment may be tax deductible (check with your accountant). Top level cover in some funds may give a refund for counselling, check with your insurer.

Low-Income or Health Care Card Holders

Please discuss any matters related to fees when you make your appointment. If you are experiencing financial constraints, are a student or have a pension card. It is my intention to always work with you to make the therapeutic journey possible.

Provision of Services to WorkSafe Victoria Injured Workers

Provider Number: NS697A

Services provided for the following Victorian WorkSafe Agents:

Allianz Australia Workers Compensation Victoria
CGU Workers Compensation Victoria
EML Vic Pty Ltd
Gallagher Bassett Services Workers Compensation Vic Pty Ltd

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