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My name is Jennifer Manwaring & my passion for counselling has grown out of my work for the last 20 years in counselling roles. I understand that individuals and families can do great emotional work in a space where they feel free from shame, judgement and are open to explore life’s challenges. Healthy relationships are essential for wellbeing and I aim to work with you to enrich your life and relationship connections working towards your own version of a well lived life.

Offering a person-centred approach, specialising in mental health and wellbeing, mindfulness, ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy). I am a strong advocate and worked in the field of perinatal mental health with women one on one and in groups, I encourage women to attend individual counseling sessions. I provide a safe space to discuss and work on healthy emotional expression and wellbeing.

I prioritize consistent professional and personal self-development to continually add to my knowledge and skills base. I am a passionate advocate of people being the architects of their own life and feeling empowered to make their own choices. I provide structured guidance drawing from evidence based therapeutic approaches.

My practice and personal values encompass diversity, and recognize that people come from diverse backgrounds including gender, sexual orientations, nationality, ethnicity, spiritual beliefs, relationship status, socioeconomic status, geographical location, health or disability status, and educational experiences. As a therapist I am inclusive of every person who walks into my practice. If I cannot meet your specific needs, I will refer you onto a service better suited to your requirements.

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